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Trauma Counselling in Newcastle

Traumatic experiences are situations that are frightening, overwhelming, and difficult or out of our control.  Trauma can cause problems with anxiety, depression, sleeping and difficulties in work, hobbies and relationships.

If ignored or covered up, deeper problems can occur later on. This can occur especially with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Getting help with the right type of therapy and counselling for trauma or PTSD at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling can significantly improve the way you feel manage your symptoms.

Counselling for Trauma

Counselling, therapy and psychotherapy can help you overcome traumas such as rape, accidents, injury, assault and robbery as well as those related to military conflicts or disaster.  

Trauma and post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD) both respond well to  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Trauma (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR), and Mindfulness based therapies.

Symptoms of trauma can be different for everyone.  If you think you might be suffering from trauma or PTSD, do you:

  • Feel anxious, guilty or angry even though the event has passed?
  • Have vivid memories, flashbacks or nightmares about the event?
  • Feel emotionally numb or disconnected at times?
  • Feel irritable but don’t know why?
  • Feel more out of control of your mood?
  • Have problems with sleeping (such as insomnia, waking up early or fear of going to sleep)?
  • Experience panic attacks or keep busy to cope?
  • Avoiding certain places and reminders of the event?
  • Feel constantly “on guard” or worrying about it happening again?
  • Use drugs, substances or alcohol to cope with the trauma?

At Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling, trauma counselling is designed around your individual needs. Our team of Trauma Counsellors and Psychologists can target your traumatic symptoms whether they include anxiety, depression, anger, sleep disturbances, flashbacks or nightmares.

CBT for Trauma in Newcastle

Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist) specialises in various talking therapy for trauma (including specialist Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for TraumaSolution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – ACT) to help you overcome your difficulties and improve the way you feel. 

Our team are also able to offer therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) for Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We are skilled at integrating a range of psychotherapy techniques into your therapy so we can tailor our strategies to best suit your needs and your situation to help you recover and stay better for longer.  Appointments can be individual, with partners or with family to suit your needs.  

We also offer online therapy via Skype and Zoom for those unable to make it to clinic to see us or wish to continue their therapy while away.

Taking the First Step to Overcome Trauma and PTSD

Trauma can make people feel depressed, anxious, unhappy and impact on day to day life and relationships.  Our team at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling are able to help by offering trauma counselling and specialist therapies such as CBT for trauma (including exposure therapy and graded exposure) and EMDR for trauma that are proven to help overcome your difficulties.

Therapy for trauma with our psychologists and therapists can help you tackle your symptoms, including the the depression, anxiety and sleep problems that might be present, and move forward with a more positive outlook on your life.

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Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist)
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Dr Stuart Sadler
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